Arthia Nixon, Pastors Wives Brianna



Reformed bad girl Brianna Rhodes is unhappy in her life as the wife of Dr. Michael Rhodes, a young influential pastor, motivational speaker and author who has risen to fame after taking over his father’s ministry. While she has a few friends who are among Atlanta’s ‘gospel elite’, her worldly ways continue to make people (especially her mother-in-law) question whether or not she is an appropriate partner for her husband. Feeling like Michael is more dedicated to touring and ministry and tired of his gift apologies, Brianna gives him the repeated ultimatum to choose between his work and their family.  When Brianna’s temptations get beyond what she can bear, she learns that she might not be able to find a way to stand above it, while realizing she might be as in control as she thought she was. Her decisions to fill the void could have severe repercussions on her family, friends and life. Brianna’s story is the first in Arthia Nixon’s Pastors’ Wives series. 


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