Allow The Trash To Take Itself Out Sometimes – No Recycling Allowed

oscarBy Arthia Nixon

When some people walk away, don’t answer your calls, unfriend you, shut you out, and then some… allow them. It’s your fault for praying for exposure and having it shown to you!

You can’t pray about only allowing those who are true to remain and then find yourself fighting to get them back when it is clearly a removal. Not all separation is nasty. Sometimes, your prayer is answered in a way that the trash will take itself out, haul itself away and tip the garbage man. You better let that negativity go and thank the Creator for working it out without drama! As I reflect and recollect on the incredible year that I have and what is about to happen, I am reminded that letting go isn’t always easy. And then again, sometimes it really is a walk in the park with zero regrets and Mary Poppins flowers all around.


Do not feel bad if you don’t feel bad when people opt to walk away. One day you’ll remember the sign that they didn’t have you in the right place to begin with. One day you will realize that by keeping them so close, you would not have moved in the direction you planned on going. Or maybe it was just not meant to be.

Sometimes in our loneliness, we need are so desperate for friendships, intimacy, partners and other voids to be filled, we allow ourselves to be blinded by the truth. But you must in all things, ask for discernment. Regardless of your faith, you must pray or think clearly enough and ask just how does this person fit in or benefit. If they are worth it, you will have the signs. If they are not, then those signs will come too. You are no longer blind to the truth.


When things shift, you will have to hold on to somethings and let other things go. Some people are lessons and some are seasonal. Some are just for the moment. When you are growing and transitioning, even painful lessons are lessons nonetheless.

It’ll all make sense one day, but for now, do not chase down something that was likely going to be a conflict to you later. When you allow some of those people to go, you are clearing the air of the negative energy that they had. One major clue is that when they leave, everything suddenly falls in place and one great thing after another transpires. Here’s the thing – some people may be great in the beginning but when you ask for transparency, clarity and discernment, the scales will fall from your eyes to reveal the true nature. It may be something you knew what was there all along, and then there are times when it will catch you off guard. But when you know it was not worth it, please allow the trash to take itself out, regardless of what your level of friendship, love, or even family relationship may be.

So this week, I challenge you to leave all the “but”, “maybe” and “should I” in the past and focus on yourself and rejoice in the fact that someone left on their own instead of things getting real ugly.

Eventually, we’ll get to talking about signs that a storm could be brewing but for now, just be happy with the fact that you are forging ahead.


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