Coffee With Two Scoops of Sunshine – Five Ways to Maximize Your Mornings


By Arthia Nixon

With all these years in news, my body has no idea what the average amount of sleep feels like. I used to rush and go but now I take things a bit slower and use the morning to prepare for the rest of the day. Those extra moments do matter. Reclaim your time with these ways to put two scoops of sunshine in your coffee and a whole lot of structure in your day.

1. Wake up without being in a rush. Set your alarm two hours before you normally would and spend that time just moving at a chilled pace around the house instead of going off in a mad dash, spilling things, bumping toes, yelling at everyone to get downstairs and so on. You really don’t want that adrenaline and urgency pumped into you so early in the morning to have you panicking about making it to or from work on time.

2. Have a conversation with someone you care about. It’ll do you well to send and receive good vibes. I realized I was making a huge mistake simply shouting “Hey, wake up!”, “You’ll miss the bus!”. “I can’t talk now, I’ll be late!” everyday. As a parent, you are the one who sets the tone in the house and your kid can leave with all of what you projected onto them while going into the big wide world. So by making an extra effort to be more conversational and less drill sargeent, I found that my family was able to benefit by having me speak affirmations, declarations and positivities into their day.

3. Journal. I began journaling again when I needed to vent but I didn’t want to bother anyone. I also did not want to dish on some confidential items so I pulled up a book I got from an event and started writing… with a pen… by hand… do people do that anymore? Anyways, it helped me clear my head, see my goals for the day and let me set the wheels in motion. Write the vision make it plain.

4. Get active. Here’s the perfect time to lose weight. Excercise or medidate. Whatever you need to do to get your body in the right shape or to stretch out from laying down. Some yoga or breathing can set the pace.

5. Do not look at any news until you reach the office. Yes, it is HARD as a journalist to do, but until you are ready to work, do not pick up any device to see how the page has been laid out, how many hits you’ve gotten or what’s trending. You’re not being paid until you clock on so don’t volunteer your free morning to someone else.

6. Here’s a bonus tip for you. Do something personal for you while your mind is clear and fresh. I enjoy writing for my blog or my books before dawn when I’m the only one awake. Not even the dog is in the mood so I tend to have free reign to get creative. Always make time, if only 30 minutes a day to do something that will benefit you in the end.

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