5 Things I’ve Learned On The Journey to Becoming A Momager

Saturday stroll in Hollywood

By Arthia Nixon

So a few questions have surfaced since I’ve returned to blogging. The main question has been “Where the heck have you been?” and while I have taken time to work on some personal things, I have found myself in the role of momager to a kidpreneur/actress/activist and social butterfly. For someone who tends to be introverted, it’s not an easy thing but the bulk of my time has been spent here and I talk more about these aspects in my parenting book.

My daughter is the CEO/Founder/Publisher of KidNewsMaker and has appeared in one or two films and shows. She’s also the president of a youth division to a well known organization. So my life has changed a whole lot as of late.

Here are a few things I have learned on my journey to becoming a momager (mom and manager).

  1. Change Your Tribe – Many friends and family will make assumptions that you are the kind of parent who will push your child to do things they don’t want to do. When you have an exceptional child, you have to be around like minded families. You have to have a mentor or guide to help keep you sane in one breath, but keep you on the right track in dealing with a child that’s a little different from others.
  2. Set A Time To Dedicate – If your child has a hobby, that may not last so long. When your child has a business or a career, you can’t just stop after doing something two or three times. With my daughter’s projects, we have approached it from the angle of you have to to dedicate at least two years or three years to something regardless of the result. After that, we will revisit and decide to either take the next step or stop.
  3. Balance Is Important – Your kid may be in a spotlight but you have to make sure they are enjoying what they are doing and you also have to keep them humble and remind them that even though they may be seen as something to others, they have to defrag now and again. That can be going to an amusement park, going to games with their friends, getting creative doing other things and more but making time for them to release by being a kid.
  4. Set A Schedule – This one is super important. You have to stay organized and keep your family on track. For us, an online calendar and app. We check it nightly and first thing in the morning as well as during lunch and after school/work just to make sure we are getting everything sorted.
  5. Get Educated – You have to educated yourself on roles, events, payments, legal items and more. I enrolled in a few more business courses to ensure that when I went into meetings, I would be as savvy as I needed to be as I represented my child’s best interest. I also brought in an attorney and others to ensure we would get things done correctly. Further, I included my child in on most of the meetings so that she could see what goes into a career and what happens beyond the audition or event, and so that she can see that no one is trying to take advantage of her.
  6. BONUS: Take Time For Yourself – If you don’t stop and take time for yourself, you can crash. You have to sleep. You have to rest. You have to take moment to rejuvenate in order to be beneficial to your family.

We’ll get into this stuff more in depth later but for now please visit KidNewsMaker and check out some of the amazing things that make me go all #proudmom

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