What the Fork? Finding and Conquering Your Good Place

The-Good-Place-posterBy Arthia Nixon

What the fork??? Okay, this has nothing to do with one of my favorite shows, which stars Ted Danson and Kristen Bell but nonetheless, I’ve felt like I’ve gone through hell and escaped during my hiatus.

There comes a time when you need to fall back in order to move ahead. Sometimes, all it takes is that one email reminding you that you’ve inspired someone to pursue their career without knowing it or someone in your field needs a tip and asks you for some guidance.

Sometimes, it takes one bad day to remind you that where you are now isn’t your end goal and that if you sit down and write it out, you will see that while you have contributed to helping something else grow, you suffocated your own growth.

So, this autumn, I learned that falling back doesn’t mean falling off. It means making mistakes, realizing where you went wrong, and you stop seeing the temporary comfort as a permanent place.

You have to look beyond who is in your eyesight or immediate circle and expand your horizon. Stop thinking of who you will impact at the end of the day and focus on who you can impact 50 years from now when they see your art, read your writing, watch your video or search your name. Don’t do things that will last today but do things that will last a lifetime.

Don’t settle on creating a temporary income that benefits someone else in the long run when you have the potential to do something that goes directly to you.

Build your tribe by connecting with the right network and grow your empire by passing down skills to your kids or helping them get their foot off the ground with their talents or interests. Just focus, live and look back briefly but only to see that you have in fact moved ahead. Be the slingshot and pull back then launch forward.

And yes, it’s okay to transition and change and all the rest. It’s perfectly fine to rebrand, take a break and come back. It’s okay to drop a few things and focus on that one thing in order to propel that and then after that gets noticed, introduce something else.

Finally, it’s essential to stop and cater to yourself for a moment. To buy that coffee, get that pedicure, to cancel an event to stay in and sleep. To let your cellphone die so you can enjoy the ones you love, or send those kids to camp or play date and the man to the game or with his buddies while you focus on you!

So, thank you to those who have stayed now to peep now and again to see if anything has been happening. Thank you for emailing me and asking when are you coming back to blogging instead of just journalism. A whole bunch has been happening and I am excited to share! A few changes took place but here we are in the good place again. And yup, just like the show, you need to go through a little bit of hell in order to find your version of heaven.

Let’s do this!

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