As A Journalist, How Do You Stay Out of Domestic Violence Stories Even Though You Too Were a Victim

“I was a volunteer when the shelter hadn’t been organized very long and I decided that I needed to give back,” said Boyce. “I had no idea that I would become a shelter director. God touched my heart one day when I was there and I saw the look in a child’s eye who was probably 5 years old, had a little sister that was maybe 3, and a baby in a carrier. His mama had a broken arm and a black eye. That little boy was feeding the baby his bottle, running to the little girl to help comfort her, and going to his mama and trying to comfort her and telling her she was safe and they’d be all right.
“A 5-year-old child shouldn’t have to assume that role of protection in his life that early. He should be running and playing and expecting other people to take care of him, and not know about violence or anger. And that burned a passion in my heart that has never died. I feel very much for the woman and all that pain, and what she has overcome and what she has to face, but I will never ever lose that image and the feeling that no child should ever have to face domestic violence.”
#DomesticViolence is always tough to write one especially when you’ve come out of it yourself. Still, it’s truly a gift to know you came out and are able to help more with the role you play as a #journalist.
After the interview, I sat in the car for a while and cried. Dusted off and went about my day. But that connection between my and the shelter was evident and they knew it because they saw the mask I wore many times.
Eventually, you find that the people who you are interviewing, through their expertise know your story without you even telling them and once you go off record, they remind you that even though it’s been a while, there are still wounds that resurface now and again. It is important to remember as a journalist that your story as a victim is still a story and while it has no place in the one you are writing on, it can still be told or shared in circles where you can show people, yes, I was in that spot, yes, I had similar marks, yes my mind goes back now and again, but yes, here I am now stronger, surviving and victorious. Also, yes, it takes a lot of time to get to this point but you too can do it at your own pace and with the right help.

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