Return of Rise With Thia

thia beachIntern Leslie gets her first interview with Arthia Nixon to find out what is really going on with the absence. Despite the hiatus, the views keep rising and questions keep popping. 

Are you really back to Rise With Thia? So it’s been a minute – hell its been an hour – but I am back. I don’t feel like I’ve left because my silence hasn’t been stagnant. I’ve been doing a whole lot of things. But yes, I am back.

Why’d you leave? We all need to get to get back to reality now and again and as much as I love blogging, I’m a single mom who has double parent responsibility. So I had to put more time into my journalism and PR items and then it just got a bit overwhelming. So I made the decision to stop the hobby and focus on my responsibilities. I also lost some very valuable people in my life in a very tragic way and I still cope with it. I look at our last written correspondences and sometimes I wish I had their guidance with my decisions and even my spiritual focus. They knew about a health scare as well last year, that my parents also know about and after testing and treatment was done, I think I needed to defrag and come back to reality. I did that by taking my time and allow my daughter’s achievements to force me to focus. So a mix of several things.

Why did you come back? Honestly, I came back because my 10 year-old is a budding journalist herself and is now working on her own career. So as a result I had to come back to more or less show her the different avenues and teach her hands on skills. I also came back because while it’s great to be serious and grown, every now and again, you just need to let your hair down and relate. I didn’t have to be corporate every second for every moment of my life and I think escaping to my childhood home and just enjoying the beach with my siblings, dinners with friends and putting my feet on the couch helped a lot of ideas flow and things just fell in place. I enjoy my barefoot, makeup free days.

What will you be doing now? Giving the followers what they want while retaining what I love. More videos, more interviews and more, more, more more. I’m just doing what I enjoy and if others love it, that’s all the more fantastic. I’m also giving my time to mentor talented people like yourself and groom the next generation.

What’s new in your life? Well you’ll have to read to find out! But I’m not just writing. I’m back in television, radio and even producing more items now. I also have expanded my clientele. And yes, I am writing books that will be available very soon, and I have several appearances and speaking engagements. And there’s a lot of publishing and business management. For some reason, folks are now interviewing me. My instagram and facebook accounts have been going well so I guess folks kept up with me there. But my life revolves around making certain I am an astute professional, I acquire more experience and skills and I help others. I’m 31 now. I’ve been blessed to have done a lot. Now it’s about balancing it all.

So how are you going to balance it? Well you’ll have to come back and read right? I mean, life is a journey and I am enjoying the ride. Yes, I’ve encountered potholes, unpaved roads and even picked up a hitchhiker or two but I’m still moving. And I’m focusing on leaving a legacy that will last. But a lot of that balance will certainly include me just relaxing more and hiding out. I now have a city, country and island life and each one comes with a different lifestyle. So one day at a time.

Are you going to trend toward the gossip type style or news? I honestly don’t care too much for the gossip nonsense. I prefer uplifting and investigative type things. Human interest and features have always been my thing. I will say, I will be giving a mixture of news, features and uplifting and enlightening others. I have had the chance to work with some amazingly talented individuals and so I can’t wait to share those fantastic stories with the world.

You don’t seem to talk a whole lot about your love life. Are we going to see you with anyone? First, because I’m training you to go after all questions, I can’t be mad with you for asking. And second, I am madly in love with myself. I am notoriously private about that aspect of my life. There are friends and family who don’t know the answer and I enjoy keeping it like that. I don’t need to post dating, engaged, wedding or selfies to know what I may or may not have. If you want a great relationship, keep other people out of it and stop airing what happens to the world.

Is there anything else you want to add? No. Nothing else. I’m good.But great questions. Thanks!

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