VIDEO: Rihanna’s Victory Twerk in See Through Dress



Those who follow me know that I have a love/hate relationship with my fellow Caribbean queen Rihanna. While it’s wonderful she’s been able to place the region on the map, I don’t feel

she is a true representation of what people ought to expect of women from Barbados and Guyana. But then again, I am a mother, I am a little bit older, enjoy vocals that haven’t been altered and I prefer to keep my unmentionables unmentioned especially on social media.

Yes… she IS a fashion icon and though we don’t all agree with her fashion choices, she is still known more for her sex appeal than her talent (or lack thereof). Still she paid homage to Josephine Baker her her own way.

Fast forward to nipple gate…. YES the rumors are true…. she was spotted twerking in that see through CDFA number Peter Griffin from Family Guy hands down stole.

Clearly, she’s enjoying her moment and as a legal adult why shouldn’t she? No, we all don’t have her body, and no our ads don’t get banned in the UK but well deserved and congratulations. 😀

Anyway… here’s the quick clip originally posted by yusefhairnyc
with the caption “The way we celebrate after a beautiful night or should I say the second half of a beautiful night #cdfaicon!”


Rihanna Twerking



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