VIDEO: Tessane Chin ‘wining’ to Junkanoo in the Bahamas

Tessane Chin Bahamas

(Nassau, The Bahamas)… America’s love affair with Caribbean cutie Tessane Chin continues as the Jamaican-born winner of The Voice continues her tour.

Now, Tessane is learning that it certainly is better in The Bahamas as she mixes business with pleasure. The singer and her honey shared a selfie fromthe seashore and she also took time out to enjoy Junkanoo, The Bahamas’ version of Carnival or Mardi Gras. And yes y’all… dat gyal ah wine an’ wuk up good nuh! Catch her really getting into it at about 1:40 seconds! Meanwhile… whose uncle that is getting down at the beginning of the video?

Tessane is staying at the Atlantis resort where she is the featured performer on Friday night. Like others in the Caribbean, Bahamians have followed the artist and her sister years before America knew she even had a voice. Hopefully, she’ll deliver some of those classics. I’m personally hoping to hear her belt out Hideaway.



Tessane in Bahamas

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