TEASER: Bahamian Supermodel Patricka Talks Canadian Catwalks

PATRICKA-8-twoEver grateful to our friends at The Bahamas Weekly, we were absolutely delighted when we got the opportunity to chat with 17 year-old Patricka, the newest Bahamian supermodel.

The long-legged beauty is certainly strutting in the big leagues having made an impression with an Asian designer plus walkingthe runway at Vancouver Fashion Week.

You’ll be able to find her full story in the October 2013 issue of Rise Magazine. We are certainly proud of her and we are confident that she will certainly push herself on to an international platform. Check out her full interview in Rise to find out what she thinks about her new career, color on the catwalk and the possibility of leaving her family of 12 siblings.

Patricka Ferguson, the 17 year old winner of Supermodel of the Bahamas 2013 is back home on Grand Bahama Island resting after a whirlwind trip to western Canada to walk in Vancouver Fashion Week, and, what a week it was! The 5’7″ exotic beauty never had a moment’s rest during her busy schedule of daily auditions, rehearsals, photo shoots, and nightly runway shows.

Being the new kid on the block, and from another country, Patricka did extremely well, walking in several of the top shows of the week and donning fashions from eight designers overall: Vivid Haiku Meroe (USA), Elfer Castro (Peru), Ewi Twins Fashion Label (Canada), Nikki Babie (Canada), El Closet de mi Hermana (Peru), Dong De Xi (Seoul), Kaye Morales (Philippines), and Lilla Csefalvay (Hungary). For a production that had around 80 models, that’s quite impressive.

When Patricka wasn’t busy in fittings, hair, or makeup, her agent, Oilinsha Coakley coordinated shoots with designers, and even a special shoot with the CEO of Vancouver Fashion Week, Jamal Abdourahman which took place on location at the scenic venue for VFW, the Chinese Cultural Centre in the heart of Chinatown, Vancouver. For that shoot Patricka wore a sleek and sophisticated white suit from Angela Huang’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection debut line. Huang is a Taipei born and Vancouver, Canada based designer and also posed with Patricka for some shots.

Vancouver Fashion Week ended on Saturday, September 21st and by that time many had taken note of Patricka’s confident walk and beautiful looks. She was interviewed by several local fashion writers, and requests to model are coming in. She’s been booked to walk in an event in New York in October, and returns there next fashion season for New York Fashion Week.

“We were most impressed with both Supermodels of the Bahamas and they were a great addition to our modeling troupe,” said CEO of Vancouver Fashion Week, Jamal Abdourahman (seen here with Patricka). “Both Patricka and Lacarz were polite, coachable and giving of their time, all the while maintaining a great attitude amidst the intensity of Fashion Week. The collaboration with The Bahamas worked out well and went beyond our expectation. We’d be more than pleased to work with them in the future.”

On her last day in Vancouver there was no luxurious sleep in! She was up at 7am to accompany her host, Ms Robbin Whachell of The Bahamas Weekly to a Reconciliation Canada event, where none other than Martin Luther King’s youngest daughter Bernice King spoke. After King’s keynote and speeches from tribal leaders of Canada, Patricka participated in a Reconciliation Walk in the downtown area of Vancouver along with around 70,000 others. Despite the cold rainy weather she was able to hear King, and see many Native groups in regalia (customary dress) singing in Native tongue and drumming.

The entire week, was one she will never forget, and the world of the runway is solidly under her feet.

My trip to Canada was amazing and I really appreciate the opportunities Supermodel of the Bahamas has awarded me so far,” said Patricka Ferguson. “I’m excited and look forward to the future. I want to thank my agent, Mr. Oilinsha Coakley and his publicist, Ms. Robbin Whachell for all that is being done for me.”

Supermodel of the Bahamas wishes to thank Vancouver Fashion Week, the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, and TheBahamasWeekly.com for their partnership in making this opportunity possible. A special thank you to Ms. Whachell of The Bahamas Weekly, the team’s host while in Vancouver.

More information, video and photos on both the Supermodel of the Bahamas’ activities while in Canada can be seen at the Supermodel of the Bahamas Facebook page.

Want to know more? See what she told us exclusively in RISE October 2013 issue! For now enjoy David Fillion’s gallery covering her Canadian catwalk adventure

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Rise Magazine October 2013
Rise Magazine October 2013


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