Real Reason Why ‘Devious Maid’ Rosie’s Character Is Going To Get Less Screen Time

"Devious Maids" star Dania Ramirez.  Photo by Michael Simon
“Devious Maids” star Dania Ramirez.
Photo by Michael Simon

Dios mio…. leave it to Lifetime to keep us on the edge of our seats with that season finale of Devious Maids! While the show has become my summer fix as I watch Scandal reruns (again), I have to admit, it is refreshing to see a strong ensemble of Latinas (which include the characters of an aspiring singer and a profesora) on primetime tv.

But let’s get back to the topic at hand. One of the juiciest story lines by far was watching sweet little naive, rosary toting Rosie go from dedicating her duties to Mrs. Perri to doing some booty duty with Mr. Spence only to have Mrs. Perri come back with her ‘good deed’ of smuggling Miguel from Mexico to keep her hit and run secret… well a secret.

And since the word secret is being used, my favorite DR actress of the moment Dania Ramirez has been keeping one of her own and it may have to do with the reason why her character Rosie might have been taken into custody by ICE (immigration) as we saw on Sunday.  

Why? She’s pregnant with twins! Don’t worry…  she’s assured us that the boy and girl she’s carrying are NOT for Mr. Spence by tweeting, “I am proud 2 Announce our 2 NEW BUNDLES OF JOY! Yes, I’m having TWINS! & No They Do not Belong 2 Mr.Spence. Lol!”

Of course no word on whether or not her character may end up pregnant on #DeviousMaids but it will certainly explain the reason she may not be seen as much as the other characters or if she is seen, why she may have some tight shots.

Felicidades to Dania and her hubby director John Beverly Amos Land on their first pregnancy! The couple got married.

Meanwhile her baby shower was attended by her co-stars Roselyn Sanchez, Judy Reyes, Edy Ganem and show creator Marc Cherry.


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