Barz Noble’s Music Of Life Debuts With 10,000 Hits in Two Days

Barz Noble

By Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency

(Atlanta, Georgia)…When Bahamian hip hop artist Barz Noble released his Music of Life single from his upcoming Symphonic Sounds album, he had no idea how many people were watching in the wings. However,

“I am astonished at how many people viewed the video in such a short frame of time without a significant amount of promotion,” Barz Noble said. “The concept is fast-paced, comic-book style but with a touch of realism as it pertains to delivering the message, which in this case is good news.”

While it can be interpreted that the ‘good news’ is the gospel of Christ, Barz Noble stated that the condition that The Bahamas is in, especially considering recent crime statistics, it can be considered to be focusing on good news in general. The footage was shot primarily in downtown Nassau, chasing Barz Noble and other actors through the wandering alleys and streets.

“I wanted to connect the lyrics to the video and David Hanna and Simple View Films did a real great job with that. However, I think with the efforts of my management team at the KLR Management Group, it went to the next level in terms of viewership.”

Listeners of Barz Noble, who goes throughout his day in a Fortune 500 company as Ricardo Neely, are quick to compare him to some artists who emerged in the late 1980’s – early 1990’s during the proliferation hip hop music in the mainstream. The obvious difference of course, is the lyrical content of the music.

“I do have a gospel background so of course all the songs I write will be clean and inspired by a higher power,” he admits. “There aren’t a lot of rappers and hip hop artist who will choose to stick to keeping it clean but I think we do need to provide an alternative for those who are looking for something outside the negative norm.”

Sympohonic Sounds officially will be released in August 2013. For more information visit

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