WATCH: Jamaican-Antiguan soca star Kenne Blessin releases ‘Wipe Your Eyes’ tribute song for Trayvon Martin family & rally marchers

Photo Caption: Kenne Blessin dons a hoodie in honor of Trayvon Martin.
Photo Caption: Kenne Blessin dons a hoodie in honor of Trayvon Martin.

By Arthia Nixon, for VPJ Consulting

(St John’s, Antigua and Barbuda)… The tragedy and the outcome in the case of slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin has impacted the United States, and now, one of the Caribbean’s top soca artists is joining multiple celebrities by paying tribute while calling for peace. Soca star Kenne Blessin officially released his Wipe Your Eyes single at midnight on Monday, July 22, 2013 via Facebook and Youtube and by dawn, the song had gone viral and been played on several radio and online stations.

Instead of working on an elaborate music video, Kenne Blessin and his team created a montage showing several celebrities who are following Stevie Wonder’s boycott of performing in Florida until the Stand Your Ground law is amended or abolished, or silently supported Sybrina and Tracy Fulton (Trayvon’s parents) by donning hoodies or attending marches.

“I wrote the song because the hurt of the people who were affected – the parents, the brother, the state of Florida, Blacks, Whites, everyone was hurting,” Kenne Blessin stated. “I mean, the president, celebrities, every day people all had something to say about this matter and I was compelled to write and release this song based on the passionate response of people, especially after the not guilty verdict.”

Powerful lyrics remind listeners that “the sun will shine again” despite the fact that “someone’s hurting somewhere out there”. It further points out that the “system needs a facelift”, demands an end to injustice when a “lawyer gets a good fee, the guilty walking so free, how could this be?”

Kenne Blessin quickly points out that Trayvon’s case is not the only one out there and that there are others that ought to be highlighted. He said that the cases still going on should also be brought to the forefront.

“This song is for everyone who faces injustice in all sorts – even the ones that the media hasn’t highlighted for the world to have knowledge about as it did in Trayvon’s case,” he said.  “I think people need a sense of hope, and it only can happen through unity and caring for each other. Trayvon is not the first to go through such, but his story brought out a lot of what most people are scared to reveal all because of fear.  We all face similar situations. Just that most of our story never got to reach media exposure.”

At the end of the day, Kenne Blessin said, he feels  Wipe Your Eyes can be considered an anthem to the road to recovery especially after a major event that threatened to divide a nation and focused on race in the most negative of ways.

Kenne Blessin’s song can be heard at

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