WATCH EPISODE: Antigua’s Fucha Kid Releases Hip Hop/Dancehall Duet With Jacksonville Teen Spitta Haze

Spitta Haze and Fucha Kid
Spitta Haze and Fucha Kid

By Arthia Nixon, for VPJ and MME

(Atlanta, Georgia) What happens when you throw a prolific 14 year-old hip hop star on the rise with one of the Caribbean’s top dancehall artists? The world is about to find out now that Antigua’s Fucha Kid and Jacksonville’s Spitta Haze have released Which Gal Run Di Dancefloor (Remix).

While they were initially tightlipped as to just which one of Fucha Kid’s songs they are remixing, they did document the making of the single on an episode of Antigua Crossover Tour, an online reality show/documentary. The show costars Fucha Kid, his manager Patricia Henry and recording artist Kenne Blessin as they push their Caribbean sounds of soca, reggae and dancehall in the American market.

By sheer coincidence, the single was recorded a week prior to the BET Awards’ historic display of dancehall featuring Elephant Man and Beenie Man. According to Spitta Haze’s manager Luke Engram of Mature Movement Entertainment, that proves that the US is ripe and ready for another Caribbean crossover.

“We were looking for a unique sound to fuse with Spitta Haze’s style and we got a call from our publicist who also works with Fucha Kid to come in for a meet and greet after he returned from his performance in Carolina with Kenne Blessin, another major Caribbean recording artist,” said Engram. “That went from a simple hello with their manager Patricia, to us just going off listening to their work and to Fucha Kid and Spitta doing remix to one of his hits. I’ll admit, we were all dancing along with it once we heard what was happening.”

The track was mixed by Applauz Recording and is already receiving buzz on digital outlets in addition to being included in the lineup of some of Jacksonville’s hottest nightclubs.

“He’s young but very, very talented,” said Fucha Kid of working with Spitta Haze. “He sat there, pulled out his phone and started typing lyrics as if he were texting and just spit them out in the mic in less than twenty minutes. Anyone who knows my work knows that I am not limited to dancehall but it was real cool to come back to this song and have Spitta Haze throw his spin on it. He comes across extremely serious and committed and that’s something I wish a lot more kids in the Caribbean could have witnessed because you are never too young to get your career going.”

For Spitta Haze, the whole experience was unique, especially as it was the first time he worked with Caribbean artists.

“Kenne Blessin was real easy to work with as an engineer because he allowed me to have my freedom but just gave one or two quick pointers,” said Spitta Haze. “I didn’t understand the Caribbean dialect at all but I’ll get it soon, trust me! For real though, I love their music and I can’t wait to perform it live with Fucha Kid when he comes to Florida because it’s a track that can turn up anywhere.”

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