PIC: Lenny Sends Independence Day Love To Bahamas

Lenny Kravitz
With a seaside photo of Eleuthera, Bahamas as his backdrop, rocker turned actor Lenny Kravitz took a moment to wish Bahamians Happy Independence Day.
“To my Bahamian Brothers and Sisters. Happy 40th Independence,” he posted on his Facebook page on July 10, 2013 which marked 40 years of the nation breaking off from British rule.
While he did not confirm the scene, as someone who grew up on the island, it looks to have been taken on the northern side not too far away from the famous Glass Window Bridge. Kravitz’s mother Roxie Roker (cousin of weatherman Al Roker) is descended from the island where he has a home and recording studio.
As for Leroy, his adorable potcake (Bahamianese for mutt), he skipped out on this photo op captured by Mathieu Bitton.
Along with Rick Fox and a few other celebrities with connections to the islands, Kravitz surely is a proud son who makes it known that for him, it’s truly better in The Bahamas.

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