VIDEO: Thia Interviews Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed During Courtesy Call Of Caribbean Delegates and Cast of #Bahamas40Atl At City Hall


By Arthia Nixon for #Bahamas40Atl

Photos by DIRadioCast

(Atlanta, Georgia) The Mayor of Atlanta Kasim Reed took a few minutes from running the city on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 to meet with Caribbean delegates, inclusive of the #Bahamas40Atl cast members, Miss Universe Bahamas Celeste Marshall, Rake ‘n’ Scrape artist Stilleet, and from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, soca artist Jah Bami.

The Mayor, admitted to having a special love for Paradise Island, has vacationed in The Bahamas for about 15 years.

“I expect my next trip there will be in the next 90 days,” he revealed.

Marshall, encouraged the Mayor to visit other areas of The Bahamas and gave him an idea of some of the best places to visit and tips on where to sample the best foods. Stilleet also presented him with small tokens of The Bahamas including a copy of his Rake ‘n’ Scrape CD. In turn, the Mayor gifted Marshall with a crystal paperweight, bearing the seal of the city, a phoenix, representing Atlanta’s rise from the ashes after physically being burned down during the American Civil War.

“We have a special relationship with The Bahamas – a long standing relationship,” said the Mayor. “So having Miss Universe Bahamas here today was very special. And also that she was so gracious to serve as the grand marshal of one our very important festivals [Atlanta Caribbean Carnival] so I am glad she had the time to come by and say hello and to allow me to express my appreciation personally from the people of the city of Atlanta, for her time and her talents. I’m only looking forward to see where her star goes next because I believe this is just the beginning for her and her future is without limit.” “During my reign, I’ve been able to do so many things, but this has to be the elite,” Marshall said of her visit to the Mayor’s office. “This has to be my top listing right now.”

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