EVENT: Poitier Makes Theater Debut With Comedy ‘A Wedding In Nassau’

Wedding in Nassau Cast
Cast members get ready for ‘A Wedding In Nassau’ set for the first weekend in April at the College of The Bahamas.

By Arthia Nixon, Ambassador News Agency

(Nassau, The Bahamas) The invitations have been sent, the dress has been purchased, the couple is ready to walk down the aisle and everyone is cordially invited to attend A Wedding In Nassau, the first large scale theater production by Dario Poitier. Planned for 6:30p.m. on April 5th and 6th at 6:30pm at The College of The Bahamas’, the play will donate part proceeds to the Bilney Lane Children’s Home.

The 31 year-old Berry Island raised playwright finally gave in to the pressures by friends to put hit a major theater after years of positive reviews on the skits he composed since high school for church and work functions.  

“My coworker Rakel Dean encouraged me to push my plays and actually went so far to help me scout the right stage, find out information and get me to see that it could be done,” admits Poitier who once was in training to be a pilot. “It’s not about doing it for money for me, it’s about getting up and doing something with my talent. This particular play was once 15 minutes long but I went back, expanded it by adding more scenes and characters and now we have an almost two hour long comedy that will be unlike other plays. We want them to not watch it, but to experience it.”

Dario Poitier
Dario Poitier, writer/director

Indeed A Wedding In Nassau is going to be an interactive event complete with the feeling of attending a real nuptial exchange. Poitier revealed that even those working and sponsoring the event will treat it as a genuine ceremony to compliment the theme plus there will be a few occasions the audience will be invited to join in.

“Well the play deals with several themes amidst the comedy,” admitted Poitier. “We have a Bahamian marrying someone who is Bahamian-raised but with a foreign background. So we have a couple of conflicts with race and ethnicity, social class, religion and of course planning a wedding around all of that.”

Cast members include Sjuina Arnold and Kenneth Lightbourne as the bride and groom, Gernico Culmer and Rakel Dean as their best man and maid of honor and some scene stealing moments from Fylden Russell and Darren Goodman in their roles as the pastor and a typical Bahamian bystander who encounters the couple.

Additionally, there will be opportunities to win prizes and products will be available for purchase from sponsors and vendors.

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