Miss Nigeria Florida USA Set To Tour Nigeria In March 2013

Miss Nigeria Florida USA, Ayoyemi Ajimatanrareje
Miss Nigeria Florida USA, Ayoyemi Ajimatanrareje

By Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency for The Miss Nigeria Florida, USA Cultural Pageant

(Miami, Florida)… The reigning Miss Nigeria Florida USA, Ayoyemi Ajimatanrareje is confirmed to visit the Enugu orphanage of Nollywood star Patience ‘Mama G’ Ozokwo during her tour of Nigeria. Ajimatanrareje and the Miss Nigeria Florida Cultural Pageant team, including founder/director will be in the country from March 20th to 29th, in an effort to promote the pageant’s mission to empower Nigerian-American women in Florida while supporting the efforts of Mrs. Patience Ozokwo.

“I am very honored to be making the transcontinental journey to broaden the impact while providing support to Mama G who I had the opportunity of meeting when she was the celebrity guest at the 2012 pageant in Miami,” said Ajimatanrareje, who is also studying to become a nurse. “I feel proud to represent my culture, heritage and both the United States and Nigeria simultaneously as this year’s queen. It is an honor I do not take lightly and I want to encourage other young women to embrace the chance to participate in pageants like ours that are not about physical beauty but rather the content of one’s character and awareness of who they are and where they came from.”

According to Mr. Folorunsho, the Miss Nigeria Florida pageant has grown from a small event to one that continues to celebrate the beauty of the Nigerian culture and women.

“The 2012 pageant attracted hundreds of attendees and allowed Nigerians living in Florida the opportunity to celebrate their rich culture while abroad,” he stated. “Ayoyemi is the first queen who will be travelling outside the Florida area in an official capacity and we are very blessed that she is able to do come back to Nigeria to not only promote the pageant but to inspire little girls to aspire to greatness. We are in tune with our organization’s mission to empower the Nigerian American women in Florida by promoting the rich Nigerian culture.”

The itinerary includes a visit to several schools in the Lagos area in order to expose students to the pageant while allowing them to meet Miss Nigeria Florida. There will also be opportunities to meet the queen during formal engagements and courtesy calls.

For further information on the Miss Nigeria Florida Cultural Pageant, contact Mr. Murphy Folorunsho at (786) 489-4313.


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