LEAKED: R Kelly Poses With Bahamas Prime Minister Ahead of Concert

kelly in bahamasR&B royalty R Kelly has officially landed in The Bahamas for his Celebration of Love concert, the first time he is performing in the Caribbean country.

While fans have gone crazy to get their hands on a pair of tickets to several events featuring the Grammy award winner, R Kelly’s first order of business was to meet the nation’s leader, Prime Minister, the Hon. Perry Gladstone Christie.

In this photo, taken by Bahamian Stefan L. Davis who is at the forefront in the country’s social scene, R Kelly was seen bringing a bit of style to the Prime Minister’s boardroom. While the politicians posed in their expected suits, R Kelly opted to get comfortable in ‘studio casual’, complete with a pair of headphones. WHY WAS HE WEARING TENNIS SHOES TO MEET THE PRIME MINISTER? CLICK HERE

Official photos will be released by the Prime Minister’s public relations team.

The singer is anticipated to make an appearance at tonight’s Step in the Name of Love event leading up to his concert. Tickets were given away in both the Bahamas and United States leading up to the event. READ MORE


step in the name of loveDI

Pastors Wives by Arthia Nixon

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