REVIEW: Beyonce`s Life Is But A Dream Shows Less Than More

life-is-but-a-dreamAs marketed, Beyonce`’s ‘Life Is But a Dream’ documentary which premiered on HBO, was indeed in “her own words”. There was a whole lot of editing so I think there is a lot more that could have been seen that we didn’t see but it is what it is. It simply presented what she wanted, had time to retake and is not a reality show version. And every now and again there were some live stage performances of her songs – and to the surprise of many, she dropped a couple of casual cuss words. There were also quite a bit of moments in there from her childhood. She also allowed herself to cry a few times.

Let’s establish something early on – I adored Beyonce` as a teen. I had every Destiny’s Child album there was prior to them going solo and I was a fan – not on level with those who go to the church of Beyonce`, but I was. What happened? My music tastes changed as I grew up. I’m allowed to do that. Because of my blunt remarks on my social media pages, I have been called a hater by superfans, a truthspeaker by those who consider her overrated and the bottom line is… well, I explained that part. Now to the review!  FULL REVIEW FOUND HERE

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