IN CASE YOU MISSED IT EXCLUSIVE: Eddie Long accuser Centino tells Bahamas he was raped within 24 hours of meeting bishop and paid $2,000

Centino Kemp, a Bahamian-born was interviewed in his native Bahamas by Chrissy Love (above) about his book First Lady. He is on the book’s covers.While the broadcaster did not call Eddie Long’s name, Kemp was the 5th man claiming to be involved with the Atlanta pastor.   - Arthia Nixon
Centino Kemp, was interviewed in his native Bahamas by Chrissy Love (above) about his book First Lady. He is on the book’s covers.
While the broadcaster did not call Eddie Long’s name, Kemp was the 5th man claiming to be involved with the Atlanta pastor.
– Arthia Nixon

By Arthia Nixon

(NASSAU, BAHAMAS) Eddie Long accuser Centino Kemp returned to his native Bahamas and told local media personality Chrissy Love that at he was raped within 24 hours of meeting an influential Atlanta bishop, who prayed with him before he was “violated” and then given $2,000.

Kemp was the fifth young man to come forward claiming Eddie Long had sexual relations with him. Kemp was back home in Nassau, Bahamas promoting his book First Lady, which he claims is a name given to him by the clergyman who abused him. He will officially launch the book in The Bahamas on February 14th. Kemp also is an aspiring singer/songwriter and once studied broadcast journalism.

Kemp did not sue Eddie Long as did other accusers. It should also be noted that he nor Chrissy Love, hostess of Reality Check never called Long’s name at anytime during the interview, which caused a stir in The Bahamas and caused the online listening feature to crash several times.

Chrissy began the show by reading page 19 of First Lady, which features Centino dressed with waist long wavy hair and makeup on the cover.

“I could drink on Saturday but go to church on Sunday” he said noting he was 16 years-old was fresh to Atlanta only being in the city for three weeks to attend school. “I was raised to go to church and we were in this church and after services I was approached by the Bishop.”

The character of the Bishop in Centino’s book, read Chrissy,  approached him after service with a greeting. Centino exchanged numbers with the Bishop who complimented his accent and then later invited him to join a male mentorship program, commending him being 16 years-old and already enrolled in college.

Chrissy went on to read that he received a text while in Burger King from the Bishop and was told not to leave the restaurant because he wanted him to go with him to mentor a young boy. Centino stated that was when his whole life changed.

“Within less than 24 hours, I was raped,” he told listeners.

“Centino you’re going to make me cry,” said Chrissy.

 “Don’t cry because I am not crying anymore,” Centino told her.

He went to Teaser’s Restaurant at Atlantic Station.

“You didn’t think something was awry?” Chrissy asked Centino after hearing him describe being driven to Atlantic Station in the Bishop’s Chrysler and then eating at a fine restaurant.

“I was with a man of the cloth,” Centino replied, indicating he didn’t feel anything was amiss.

The story soon found the characters of Centino and the Bishop at Holiday Inn in Mid-town Atlanta, where they were to meet the young man to mentor. Centino says he thought they would meet the young man in the lobby but was not finding anything odd about following the Bishop to the 19th floor to a suite. After praying, the character was “raped”.

“When the incident happened I got paid $2,000 after I was violated,” Centino said on radio. “I was 16. I was rich. I shopped away my pain.”

Centino also lost his cool after a female caller accused him of being flamboyant and profiting off of what allegedly happened to him. The caller also questioned his sexual preferences, his appearance and whether or not he had really been raped. She said that instead of writing a book he should be going to churches if he had a story to tell.


“Listen here,” he told the caller, “you don’t know me! Excuse me Miss… I don’t want to be rude to you. You can’t say I am profiting from my life. Don’t call to judge me you don’t know me!”

Centino quickly rebutted, noting that he has worked with charities and organizations, has a foundation, still goes to a psychiatrist, speaks at events and churches to discuss a variety of issues including rape and AIDS.

“It’s my story to tell,” he told the caller.

A caller did ask if Centino in fact had a tattoo of Eddie Long’s name on his wrist. Chrissy confirmed that there was indeed a person’s name on his wrist above the words “never a mistake, always a lesson.” When she asked what it meant, he invited Chrissy to look at the scar on his head under the makeup and said, “Everyday I look at my scar I remember, never a mistake, always a lesson.” More disturbingly, he admitted that scar was caused when he was pushed into a mirror but remained tightlipped on who and why it was caused.

Centino also said there are many churches engaging in business instead of saving souls and that there are many council meetings he sat on in ministries and sex was quite commonplace. He did not call any names, locations or reveal dates.

His book, First Lady will be available on on February 14, 2013.

Do not publish or lift without crediting Chrissy Love, Reality Check or Arthia Nixon, writer.

First Lady, Centino Kemp
First Lady by Centino Kemp on the cover.


Pastors Wives by Arthia Nixon

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