Cool & Confident: Cazna Hinds Is Officially ‘Ready For Change’ With New Single

Cazna Hinds
Cazna Hinds

Readers were warned – Cazna Hinds from The Bahamas is the next gospel girl on the verge of going global. With her smooth vocals, bubbly personality and kid you grew up with appeal, Cazna is a talent who ought not be ignored.

With her single Ready For Change, Cazna showcases beautiful vocal control over a smooth R&B beat that can easily rival Mary Mary, Damita and Michelle Williams. Additionally, she promised she would have something out by January and she delivered!

When I first caught up with Cazna, she was goofing off on Facebook giggling with a song she was working on. I happened upon her single when she tagged me as a result of us working together on a few projects or two as she does graphics, videography and is the creative director for Enue Magazine From the moment she croons “Take my… hand Lord…” she (READ MORE)


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