242’s Golden Boy of Gospel, Jonny Farrington Celebrates Birthday By Releasing Music Video For ‘I’m Gonna Wait’


Jonny Farrington I'm Gonna Wait
Jonny Farrington
I’m Gonna Wait

Bahamian model-turned-gospel-singer Jonathan Farrington certainly has a whole lot to celebrate. Over the weekend, reality singing show 242Untapped debuted nationally in The Bahamas. Jonny is one of three judges waiting to say the words “You’ve been tapped!” to a slew of singing hopefuls aspiring to be the nation’s next gospel superstar (READ MORE).
He also found his way in the top 10 slot for the best of 2012 for a collaboration with another Bahamian artist and also for his hit single I’m Gonna Wait. Sure, he’s judging to see who the next gospel superstar is, but for now he’s sitting comfortably in the spot himself.
And as if turning 23 wasn’t enough, Jonny spent his birthday releasing his new promo pics and the music video for his hit single which has been cited to be the next gospel crossover for The Bahamas to hit international markets.
Still… there’s more. That’s right. I spoke to Jonny myself to confirm reports that he is about to make a huge career move in his music. Let’s just say we want to make sure the ink is dried on this one before we reveal it to the world.
With a whirlwind weekend behind him, it’s no wonder Jonny is a tsunami ready to take 242 to the world! From the team here at Rise With Thia, Happy Birthday Jonny!

Pastors' Wives Brianna, Arthia Nixon



  1. You are an encouragement to me, an older Bahamian Artist not yet exposed but this is my year for release.May God Continue to bless you as you move forward.Bro Ryan


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