Caribbean Male Model Kenneth Kerr’s Sexy Swimwear Shots Gets Birthday Shout Out From NoRal Apparel Design



Last year, we gave a fair warning that Bahamian male model Kenneth Kerr was certainly one to watch. In 2012, we got the inside scoop as his Tweets became raw blunt one liners that stirred a frenzy, he became a father to the adorable Apollo (fear not, she’s just a puppy) and we cybertagged along, spotting him globetrotting in New York, London and Paris to name a few.He was also seen waving his Bahamian flag in Las Vegas to support fellow model citizen Celeste Marshall at the Ms Universe pageant. While Celeste didn’t make the cut, her long legs caught the eyes of several big names in fashion.

Enough about the Bahamian beauty and let’s move on the man unleashing his inner Bahamian beast. While tweeting from Washington D.C, where he celebrated his birthday listening to one of his favorite celebrities of all time Beyonce` deliver the Star Spangled Banner during the Presidential Inauguration, Ken was busy making headlines of his own.

His birthday shots – which were a wardrobe malfunction away from being a birthday suit – not only inspired viewers to sing the catchy hook from Rihanna’s Birthday Cake, it also caught the attention of the designer of the sexy briefs peering out from behind his edible prop.

NoRal ApparelDesign took to social media to post Kenneth wearing the brightly colored briefs saying:

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kenneth Kerr! Bday photos in his NoRal Apparel Retro Brief! From tanks, to briefs, to swimwear, you name it, Kenneth has about an entire closet of NoRal Apparel. LOL. Appreciate u babe! ENJOY IT! #bdayswimsuit #cakecakecake”

And just in case you’ve been under a rock regarding what’s trending in male fashion, LaRon Hickerson, the designer and creator of all of what is NoRal Apparel.  Still haven’t heard about him? Don’t say you weren’t warned. The line has graced the covers of several magazines including Swerv Magazine, Male XXXII, & Cinhte’. Upcoming exposure for the NoRal line includes product placement in the HBO/Cinemax Original Series The Jump Off premiering March of 2013.

And if you ask us, Kenneth is the perfect candidate to hit the runway or grace a photo spread for the label. But then again, this blogger is oh so biased when it comes to this guy!

Wishing you a happy birthday and even happier new year Ken!

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