Thia reps Bahamas as part of Atlanta Carnival 2013 Social Media Committee

atl social media
(Top L-R) Arthia Nixon, Andre` Scott, (center) Melanie Ramcharran, (bottom L-R) Delaney Morris, Chairperson Shoni Hymes and Jonas Black.

Never straying far from her Caribbean roots, Thia was invited to be a part of the sensation six making up the 2013 Atlanta Carnival Social Media Committee. The team is already gearing up to promote the first event leading up to Carnival which takes place this weekend.

“It’s really an awesome opportunity to connect with others who share the passion for the islands while repping the 242,” Thia says. “Carnival shuts down Atlanta on Memorial Day weekend and there are already Bahamians who reside in and around the city who have joined with some Carnival bands. I encourage Bahamians who plan to be in the area to connect with us on Facebook to find out how they can participate if they so desire. It’s not quite Junkanoo but it is a way to celebrate Caribbean culture and pride and have the chance to rush outside The Bahamas.”

Thia added that there are opportunities for Caribbean artists to gain exposure through some of the many events leading up to the big day.

“Reggae, soca, and dancehall artists have a great opportunity to join in the festivities and present their music to a large audience,” she said. “This is the 25th year of Carnival and so it is going to certainly a monumental one.” READ MORE

For more information, visit

Atlanta Caribbean Carnival

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