Thia’s Atlanta Highlights Earn Turquoise Morning’s 10 and 6 Spots For Best of 2012

COUNTDOWNWith only a few episodes of Turquoise Morning under her belt, Thia’s contributions were featured in the number 10 and 6 spots as the Best of 2012 for the internationally viewed morning show.

“I actually did an article on Deandrea Hamilton when Turquoise Morning and Magnetic Media were nominated for Telly Awards for the Caribbean section of the Georgia and Florida Star newspapers,” she recalls. “They went on to win three Telly Awards and Dee decided to take the show beyond the Caribbean and invited me to be the first American-based correspondent. So it’s fantastic to play tourist in Atlanta and

interview many of the celebrities here who have some serious fans back in the islands. Turquoise Morning is the Caribbean version of The Today Show or Good Morning America, and being seen in over 40 cities and islands including The Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad plus select stations in South Florida, New York and the Midwest. With my love for my heritage and my love for media, it was the perfect marriage.”


Already one of the Bahamas Weekly’s 10 of 2012 who gave reviews on her home country, The Bahamas, Thia and her correspondent colleagues made the number 6 spot for Turquoise Morning’s year in review. Also highlighted on the list in the number 10 spot was Atlanta, and tour Thia took host Deandrea on when she visited the city and stopped at the Martin Luther King Historical Center.

What else made the top 10 list? Something from an international sporting event and a screen legend with ties to the islands. Watch part one and two below.

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Turquoise Morning is three-time Telly Award winning programme broadcast on television and over the internet. It is carried on five different TV channels, which takes the show to all of the Caribbean, major US Cities and parts of Latin America and makes it accessible to global audiences at its TV website,

Since the show started in April 2008, it has exponentially evolved from exclusively featuring the Turks and Caicos Islands to including The Bahamas by 2011, and now showcasing other Caribbean countries and Caribbean communities living in the United States of America. With three correspondents contributing exciting content, the show is growing in viewership and widely appealing.

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