Holiday Homecoming: Rick Fox Returns Home To Reveal All On Local TV

Rick Fox and ZNS' Christopher Saunders
Rick Fox and ZNS’ Christopher Saunders

Former L.A. Laker and actor Rick Fox returned to his homeland, The Bahamas during the holidays with his family. Included was his daughter from his marriage to actress/singer Vanessa Williams who stars in ABC shows 666 and Desperate Housewives.
A symbol of national pride to Bahamians, Fox was spotted around town dining at his favorite restaurants, greeting fans and even attending Junkanoo. He also paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister Perry G. Christie, and bought along NBA legend Magic Johnson.
However, it was his interview with University of Missouri alum and co-anchor of ZNS news Christopher Saunders which has locals talking. Fox, who revealed that READ MORE

Below is the video of Fox’s interview with Chris Saunders, CREDIT: ZNS – Bahamas Broadcasting Corporation

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