Thia Launches First Book In Pastors’ Wives Series, Brianna

Pastors' Wives Brianna, Arthia NixonArthia Nixon’s long awaited first book in the dramatic Pastors’ Wives series arrived at midnight on Christmas Eve. Pastors’ Wives Brianna, the first book in the five part series hit her blog to the delight of readers who were itching for more after reading a three chapter sample in summer of 2012. BUY HERE
The series covers the trials and triumphs of five acquaintances who are involved directly or through marriage in ministry. Topics that come up include adultery, alcoholism, domestic violence, theft and more. “It’s certainly not what my regular readers who read my other books like Daddy’s Little Girl and The Magic Grouper will expect from me!” she laughs. “There’s a lot of controversial stuff in there. I struggled for a long time trying to decide if I should continue with the language or the graphic details but the people who read it all agreed that it was a dose of reality that many try to sugar coat. The things I addressed not only made the news but makes its way into the personal lives of people we may know.” Nixon adds that she is nervous about the interviews and book review request.
“I’ve been in media for over 10 years and I’m used to being the writer or holding the mic and asking all the questions,” she said. “I’m used to being a publicist who promotes others and so to have the role reversed is a crazy thing. It’s also amazing because earlier this year, one of my clients, Bahamian hip hop star Lavard ‘Manifest’ Parks jokingly wrote on Facebook that his publicist needs a publicist. Sure enough, within a few months of him saying that, I am working with a fellow publicist and getting ready for my print book launch. It’s also interesting because his wife Radel and her twin sister just came off their debut of their play The Other Woman which addresses similar issues I tackle in my book.”
According to Nixon, the series acknowledges a new chapter in her own life.
“The past few years have been my metamorphosis,” said the Bahamian-born Atlanta-based media personality. “I have come out of my cocoon and now it’s time to really stretch my wings. I no longer intimidate myself into doubting my capabilities. I’m excited and I know some people have already given it positive feedback. There may be some who will not enjoy it. I’m not out to compete with anyone. I’m just living my dream of doing what I wanted to do ever since I was a child – write!”


ibook link BRIANNA


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