Still Standing: Tamiko Lowry’s Winter White Fundraiser Spreads Christmas Cheer To Domestic Victims

Mother daughter Kodak moment — with Destiny Miles and Tamiko LowryA mom, business woman and philanthropist, Tamiko Lowry seems to be a woman who has it all. However, she is proof that beauty is more than skin deep and that personal trials can indeed in transition to triumph.
Lowry is a former domestic violence victim who has been sharing her story in the Atlanta area. Despite her circumstances, she is still standing. And the phrase still standing has become rather personal for Lowry who is the founder of the Still Standing Foundation, which seeks to empower women and to assist especially with domestic abuse survivors.
She recently hosted a major event in October and celebrated December by hosting a Winter White fundraiser to give kids of such families a great Christmas as they transition into a life of normalcy. Singing, spoken word, an all white fashion show and palate samplers were on display as guests came together for a great cause.
“Overall I think the event went very well,” beams Lowry. “I received a great response from my guests, but the most important aspect was that we were able to reach our goal of collecting toys and funds to meet the needs of the families in which we adopted for the Holidays.”
Lowry noted that five families will receive Christmas gifts, a Christmas Tree, Christmas dinner and clothing.
“This is important to me, as my family was on the receiving end just a few years ago,” she admits. “It feels good to be able to give to a cause that is near and dear to my heart.”

See slideshow here

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