ON THE RISE: Bahamas’ Cazna Hinds Is Facebook’s Newest Singing Sensation

Ready For Change: Cazna is ready to rise with her new single.
Cazna Hinds with her first love - music! Ready For Change: Cazna is ready to rise with her new single.

By ARTHIA NIXON, The Ambassador Agency

I’ve sat on the board for two record labels, been in a casting department, served as publicist for several industry hitters ranging from authors to musicians to entrepreneurs, and as someone who is still in PR and editorial for a few magazines, newspapers, blogs and a broadcast contributor, it takes a whole lot to get me to listen past the first one minute of a song. So if I actually stop multi-tasking and direct all of my attention to something, more than likely, it’s got a wow factor attached.
That was what I got when after almost a week of being tagged in a Facebook video, I finally had the time to click this video by Cazna Hinds of The Bahamas. Sure, she’s cute, bubbly, and girl next door adorable, but what prompted me to check was because I have worked with her on a project or two as she does graphics, videography and is the creative director for Enue Magazine, which you will be hearing about really soon.
Needless to say, I was rather blown away to hear her latest project which I feel will make her the latest Caribbean export in the Christian contemporary market. If you have five minutes to spare, then you’ll be able to listen to her two minute sample of Ready For Change.
I made the mistake of thinking this was another cookie cutter example of sweet faced girl just hanging out on the computer goofing off for buddies. But after Cazna draws you in with her personality, she opens her mouth and showcases beautiful vocal control over a smooth R&B beat that can easily rival Mary Mary, Damita and Michelle Williams.
Well great news! Cazna revealed that she does plan to release the song!
“I’m really not sure exactly when it’s gonna be released right now, but I’d say early Jan 2013,” she told me, revealing that she wrote it when she was at a point in her life where she was really tired of the way she was. “It’s like you wanna do better but then you keep doing the things that you said you won’t do anymore. It just came from a sincere place cuz’ I know if my heart is truly changed then everything would be different.”
It’s easy to see why she says she’s inspired by a myriad of artists including Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Kierra Sheard, Sketch, Dawkins & Dawkins, The Walls Group, Brandy and Beyonce’ time name a few.
“I am working on an EP project that’ll hopefully be out by mid-February,” she revealed. “And yes, this song is going to soon be available on iTunes and other digital stores!”
I personally can’t wait! And if you want some more info on Cazna, like her Facebook page and you can check out her samply of Ready For Change right here. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151364443818968&set=vb.121530794571190&type=3&theater


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