MUSIC VIDEO: Caribbean Cutie Gia Miran Releases First Single Don’t Get Me Started

Gia Miran (Photo by Kovah Duncombe)

By ARTHIA NIXON, The Ambassador AgencyPhotos KOVAH DUNCOMBE

ELEUTHERA, BAHAMAS…Don’t get me started when it comes to Gia Miran! Having personally known her since her Gianna Miranda Sturrup days when were three years-old, I’m personally privileged to have been one of the ears to hear, appreciate and support her talent as a friend and fan for over two decades. And having known her for all these years, I can assure you that the title of her song is no suprise to those who know her well, especially when she’s ready to tell it like it is!

Now, she’s done the world a favor and put her amazing voice out there to the masses, signing a recording deal and climbing the charts with her first official single Don’t Get Me Started. The pint-sized powerhouse’s vocals don’t show the range that compared her to the likes of Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera on this particular song, put it certainly shows that she has the potential to hold her own as the next breakout Caribbean export to the international market.

Now in heavy rotation in the clubs and on radio in The Bahamas, the hot new single is hitting high notes with listeners and reconfirming a dream that Gia Miran once dreamt over 20 years ago in her native Eleuthera.

“The first time I heard the song play on the radio was surreal,” says Gia Miran. “I was excited! To have the song in regular rotation feels like I’m accomplishing something. It’s been a long journey to the present and it feels like everything I’ve gone through as an artist is finally paying off.”

While Don’t Get Me Started has a club, pop, techno tempo to it, it shows that the up and coming artist is limitless when it comes to a specific genre.

“This first single is dance,” confesses Gia Miran. “My roots are in R&B or neo-soul, but with this record I tried something new and actually ended up loving it! I find myself listening to so many dance tracks now.”

Gia Miran recalls just a few weeks ago when she was in Club Aura and heard her song over the speakers for the first time.

“Listening to it in the club for the first time I can honestly say that I couldn’t focus on anything because I was so excited that the record was actually being played,” she laughs. “The second time I heard it in a club was when I was able to take in everything and pay attention to the fact that people were actually dancing and enjoying the song!”

She’s also gotten over the fact that she has shot her music video for Don’t Get Me Started in Miami’s famed South Beach and says it’s a great experience as an artist. Despite that, Gia Miran admits she has fears that she plans to overcome with her new found fame.

“My biggest fear as an artist who not only sings, but also writes, is having people accepting and liking my music,” she says. “I was nervous when the record was released because this wasn’t just the five or ten people that normally hear my music; this was now the world listening. So to have people like it so much that they request it on the radio… I’m so honored, and humbled!”

And in case fans are wondering, Gia Miran confirms that a second single is already written and currently under production. We learned that it could be out as early as February 2013.

Of course, if you can’t wait, do check out for updates!

TRIVIA: Gia Miran and Thia were also classmates with fashion photographer Kovah Duncombe who shot her promotional spread. Thia also drafted Gia Miran’s professional bio.


  1. Hi Giana, You know that your american family is so excited about the song. I knew that you would make it when I met you in Jackson and you sang at Pam’s wedding. You are special tous and can not wait until you can come and visit your God babies. The get so excited when they here your singing and their face lights up. I wish I could send Pam and the kids to see you but we are saving our ducks to maybe some see you in 2014. Remember God says “You can do al things thru Christ who strengthens you” and I know you believe that. Love You!


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