VIDEO: The Lady Behind The Label: Atlanta’s Amy Cooper Talks Lady Couture


The Ambassador Agency

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Stylish, sassy, sophisticated and fierce are just a few words to describe the Lady Couture line. I recently caught up with the lady behind the label, Amy Cooper during a recent CFC fundraiser with actor/director Vincent Ward, to find out what makes her so hot!
Truth be told, Amy’s products are not your typical ‘by it because my friend makes it’ items. They smell like genuine leather, feel like genuine leather and shine like genuine leather… maybe because it is actually 100% leather!
Amy revealed that she enjoys Valentino and Gucci but wanted something more affordable, hence, Lady Couture.
For a company that launched in July 2011, Lady Couture is a little secret that most people want to keep to themselves in order to stay on top of their friends when it comes to fashion wars.
With excellent stitching, a huge variety of colors and an appeal that goes from girl on the go glam on a Saturday, to front pew perfection on a Sunday, then blingtastic business lady on Monday, Lady Couture is certainly an item I recommend for the fashionista who shows off her ‘class-anista’.
And if there are any true friends (and fans) out there who want to give a little jingle in my bell this holiday, think Lady Couture’s expandable collection if you can’t figure out what I want from the clutch line. With prices under $300, it’s an affordable way to set a trend, while setting a standard.Amy Cooper of Lady Couture talks fashion with Thia


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