VIDEO: Actor Vincent M. Ward Talks Walking Dead And More In Atlanta For Private Meet & Greet

By ARTHIA NIXON, The Ambassador Agency

(ATLANTA, GEORGIA)…Guilty pleasure…. I’m a serious fan of the Walking Dead. The the kind who knows that the name of the first walker to get killed, the little pajama girl at the gas station, is named Summer. The kind who knows just what happened to the father and son who Rick met in his old neighborhood. The kind who knows that Michonne’s walker pets were actually Mike her boyfriend and his best friend Terry and how they got to the state they are in. The kind of fan who actually let a tear fall when Lori died during a c-section instead of surviving a natural labor like the did in the comic.

And as a fan of The Walking Dead comics, I am the kind of person who only answers calls from fellow fans when the show comes on Sunday nights on AMC. We discuss the differences in the comics and what we see on the screen and Season three has been full of a few surprises, one in particular for me being Oscar, a good guy who made bad choices and ends up in prison prior to the walker apocalypse. After being rescued by Rick Grimes and team by accident, Oscar delivers some of the most realistic monologs of the new season that makes you wonder if Vincent M. Ward is a really good actor or if the wrote the character based on his ability to relay emotions across the screen.

Of course in the wake of T-Dog’s death (may he rest in peace), Vincent Ward is now only one of two black actors on the show. Despite that, he’s proving to hold his own very well against cast members who have been on the show since the inception.

I recently had the chance to interview Mr. Rise and Grind himself, when he hosted a private meet and greet fundraiser for the CFC in midtown Atlanta, and found out a few set secrets, a little about Oscar and a lot about the man behind the role.

“I didn’t know it was that big,” he confessed when asked what he thought about being a part of a new cult phenomenon as a cast member on cable’s top rated television show. “I watched maybe three or four episodes and then finally the marathon came on. Season one and season two had nothing to do with me but by watching it, season three blows it out of the water.”

What else did he say? What does he think of the baby? And who has helped in on the set? And what does he do in his spare time? You’ve just got to watch.

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