VIDEO: Yung Mieo Gets Help From Them Lil Walker Boiz When Thia Passes By His I’m A Star Concert


The Ambassador Agency

He’s hot, he’s talented, loves some Beyonce` but hates bullying and recently, he was the hot tween ticket in town when he rolled through the Rialto in Atlanta to spit some positive rhymes, get the crowd crunked and send a message that should resonate with youngsters.

Yung Mieo delivered at his I’m A Star Concert. Despite his youth, he took to the stage with the prowess of a professional and seasoned performer complete with all the essentials needed to make it in rap – style, swag and a backstory.

“I am passionate about anti-bullying because my sister’s friend committed suicide because of it,” he admitted. He added that he doesn’t have any bullies himself, just a couple of haters.

It’s easy to see why even my seven year-old daughter was lured by the up and coming rapstar who has already had his video shown on BET’s 106th and Park featuring the likes of David Mann aka Tyler Perry’s Mr. Brown, former child star Kel Mitchel and The Game’s Derwin Davis played by Pooch Hall.

“You can stay in school, you can be respectful and still be cool!” Yung Meio told us when asked what the one message he wanted fans to leave the show with.

Also featured at the show were the Lil Walker Boiz, who also spit some freestyle on why they supported Yung Mieo’s anti-bullying campaign.

Want the full story? Check out The Florida and Georgia Star’s Prep Rap session featuring Yung Mieo

Thia gets up close and personal with LWB’s CJ and DJ (Photo by Arthero Nixon, The Ambassador Agency)

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