Thia Heading To Child Rapper Yung Mieo’s Anti-Bullying Concert In Altanta

Yung Mieo in Atlanta for anti-bullying concert

By ARIT EISSEN, The Eissen Agency

(ATLANTA, GEORGIA) When Yung Mieo, born Tommieo Walker, first dealt with the devastations of bullying several years ago after his sister’s best friend committed suicide to escape torment from classmates, he knew that anti-bullying was a problem he had to confront somehow.

Rapping since the age of four, under the guidance of his father MC “MrBiggTime,”Yung Mieo made an early decision to channel his inherent talents for music into a national movement against bullying.

At 10-years-old now, still adorable-faced and doing summersaults in the yard, Mieo’s determination has only grown in few years. With the help of various sponsors and support from nonprofits including the Atlanta Youth chapter of the National Congress of Black Women; the pint-sized rapping phenom secured the historic Rialto Theatre for a free children’s charity concert against bullying on Saturday, Nov. 3.

“I’m reaching for the stars and opening up the Rialto free for kids so they they can get exposure to culture, music and positive messages against bullying,” Mieo said.

During the concert, Mieo will perform his BET hit single, “Im a Star,” with help from several local artists: Ivan Kelly, Micah Brown, T-REP, Lil Walker Boyz, Aric Flemming, Pryce, K Lil and Lil J.

“Doing things for children is cool to me. I want to show kids they can have fun, while still doing homework and making good grades.” Mieo said.

Tickets are free and available at CitiTrends locations and the Rialto Box office. twitter@yungmieo

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