Keshelle Kerr And The Training Authority Celebrate First Anniversary By Giving 50% Of Profits To Charity Of Clients’ Choice

For immediate release on or after Wednesday, October 31, 2012


By Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency for The Training Authority


NASSAU, THE BAHAMAS… Known locally as an author, networking host and creative wealth trainer, Keshelle Kerr will be celebrating her company’s anniversary and birthday by wearing her philanthropist hat. The young independent corporate trainer of The Training Authority (TTA) confirms that she will be donating half of all bookings made from now through December to the charity of her clients’ choice.

“I have always made it a priority to give back to society in some way,” said the Rotary Club member. “I’ve worked with charities and also lead my own non-profit organization through Creative Wealth Bahamas. What I am doing now is something a little different from the traditional anniversary or birthday celebration activities. Basically, it’s a
way to show appreciation to my existing clients, celebrate wonderful milestones and give back to the community. Anything that’s booked during the period TTA will donate 50% to a charity of the clients’ choice in their name.”

The offer, which Kerr says will go on until the end of December, is something Kerr feels is needed given the present state of economy in The Bahamas.

“The cost of living has affected us all,” she noted. “Many times, we are able to donate canned goods or second hand clothing but so many of these organizations, especially homes which facilitate quite a few people need to accommodate their residents by keeping electricity on along with other necessities. Many businesses may want to do it but simply do not have the time or manpower to organize fundraisers. This is my way to kill two birds with one stone, as we say – we will train individuals within their companies and in turn, they will be able to give back to society in the process.”

Kerr further plans to recognize businesses taking part in her initiative near the end of the year as a thank you for their generosity. For more information email



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