Mrs Georgia and Mrs Gwinnett County Rise With Thia

Thia Nixon with LaShawn Garth Mrs Gwinnett County (left) and Nancy Klausner Mrs Georgia (right). Photo by A. A. Leon, The Ambassador Agency

The Ambassador Agency

Atlanta, Georgia… We learned that beauty is certainly more than skin deep when we accepted an invitation to join Nancy Klausner, Mrs. Georgia US United at the Black Theater Festival in Atlanta recently. The young wife and teacher, though a stunner, is proof that inner beauty is what earns the crown especially when a worthy cause is behind it.
Klausner is a wonderful aunt to her nephew but also has ‘adopted’ hundreds of children and their families through her cause Higher Family Achievement. The group focuses on needy families, education and of course, youth. Klausner, a graduate of Clayton State University, also works with children as an educator. She, along with reality star Mimi Faust met up to inspire, encourage and motivate youngsters.
Klausner said that while her platform is Higher Family Achievment, she would be doing something worthy for the community even if she didn’t have a sash and crown.
“My goal has always been to be a role model to youth,” she admits. “I always strive to be a strong African-American female that I would want my daughters and my female students in my classroom to be like… My piece of advice is to stay true to yourself and be the best you. I would definitely suggest that you have a platform in something you are passionate about before you go out for the crown because it makes it that much easier and opens up much more doors.”
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