Former NFL Running Back James M. Evans Talks About His New Books

Thia and James M. Evans, former RB for the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers meet up at the Atlanta Black Theater Arts Festival

Thia catches up with former NFL running back James M. Evans of the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Atlanta at the inaugural Black Theater Arts Festival in October 2012.

Evans took time out to motivate youngsters and reflected on his football career and growing up in a home with about 20 brothers and sisters.

Haven’t seen him on the field lately? That’s because he’s been focusing on renewing faith. Find out how he went from running back to no turning back and what has him on an Eagle’s Quest. Evans also gave us a peek into his two books which are hitting a high note amongst readers seeking some inspiration.


  1. James Evans. It is ammazing that 2 decades later a stumble on the talks of your new books this is amazing. I remembered we started Athletes’s for KIDZ over two decades at USF in tampa with your pro friends. How I tried my best to translate in spanish and help you all on the preparing of your motivational speeches … re: the importance of saying no to drugs and focus on education. The time I was given to spend time with you and your friends… really had a great impact on my life. You taught me how to become a better running back on the field but also taught me how to be a better running back off the field too. I became team usa flag football captian for woman and became 1st woman in 30 years in national contact MEN flag football to kick wining field goals and become champions. After graduating form usf … I was ask to give motivotional speeches as a female role model for success in education, career and sports. Hope you remember meeting out side my public speaking class at usf and how we shared the love for children of important of education, saying no to drugs, as one strives to balance a healthy star on the sports field. Because our dreams on the sports field can be taken from us at any moment. With education and saying no drugs still gives skills to carry on. Thank You for mentoring me while I was in College. I look forward to reading your books. where could i find these books . Thank you for sharing your talents of the NFL but you quite did not understand the life and knowledge of being a daughter of a Hall of Famer from the tennis pro circuit. hahhhah I am proud of you. Regards, Claudia Apey


      • Hi Thia ,
        You welcome and thank you for your kind inspirational reply.
        I do my best to follow up with contacting him. I having one of those nights not being able to sleep and recovering from a sports injury. Have anxiety do that later on this evening …. I will be attempting to stepping back out on the sports field to play. I have been goggling tonight just found your reply now @ 6 months later.
        Best Wishes,


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