Tony Targets Tinsletown Now That He’s Gotten The Bahamas Under His Belt

Bahamas-born model Tony McCartney takes on the small screen.

By Arthia Nixon, The Ambassador Agency

Nassau, Bahamas…Accountant by day, actor by night, Tony Rohmayo McCartney is one of the heartthrobs hitting the new soap opera circuit in the Bahamas via Gippie’s Kingdom. He’s becoming a red carpet regular who is already getting the attention of some industry heavyweights. We sat down for some one on one time with the rising star.

Although he’s known as Tony Romayo McCartney, Tony’s was actually born Tony Jade McCartney on April 18, 1985 in Nassau, Bahamas. He broke into the industry as a model. Despite him being single, he carved a niche for himself in the bridal industry, posing as a gallant groom in many a campaign.

But despite his love for singing and enjoying fair success as a male model, Tony’s first passion has always been acting he admits.

“When I was 12 I acted in a stage play in elementary,” he recalls. “At 14 I watched a movie with kids my age and that cemented my decision to become an actor. I knew I could do just as good a job as the people I saw on television.”
At the time, Tony’s dreams seemed rather farfetched as The Bahamas did not have much of a film industry and the only way to get on television for most was to become a journalist. While the industry has grown, there are still challenges.

“The lack of a steady and strong film industry continues to be my biggest hindrance but I’m hoping the more projects I put out and people I work with, that I can someday penetrate the international markets,” he says optimistically.

For now, Tony has settled with adjusting to auditioning for spots in films from the US shooting scenes in The Bahamas. He’s had bit parts and been casted as an extra several times in films which have included Casino Royale  and Into The Blue.

Tony has been influenced by top entertainers and cites Halle Berry, Will Smith and Sidney Poitier as the actors who have faced a challenging industry and prevailed. When it comes to starring, he’d like to work alongside the aforementioned actors and adds Al Pacino to the list. When it comes to directors however, a dream job for Tony would be working with Tyler Perry, Spike Lee or Steven Spielberg.
For now though, Tony is content with honing his skills as Keith Brooks on the hit nationally televised Bahamian show, Gippie’s Kingdom. And yes, if you walk into a certain bank in The Bahamas, that isn’t a look-a-like. Tony still continues working a fulltime job at bank.

People have recognized me prior to Gippie’s due to the many commercials I have running on tv,” he said when asked if he’s more recognizable. “So I guess you can say that  Gippie’s is the special icing on the cake in that I play a character in a long running tv soap opera and it ensures exposure for a longer period of time. I’ve gotten alot of positive responses about my performance in Gippie’s Kingdom thus far.”
Still, Tony has an ultimate goal: “My life’s dream is to penetrate the US market and share the spotlight with stars that have inspired me for years. I absolutely LOVE Los Angeles and I’m just waiting on that breakthrough role that will open the doors for me.”

Tony on the set of Gippie’s Kingdom in The Bahamas

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